Project Brief:

  1. Support for Churches in developing nations who can benefit from the app but cannot afford the payments
  2. Partners, churches and individuals can support the effort by giving at a special partnership page
  3. Create Global structure for LiveSpring
  4. Africa
  5. South America
  6. Europe
  7. Asia
  8. Regional leaders
  9. National coordinators
  10. Create currencies options for all the countries as much as possible
  11. Partners can use our ‘Global Church Support’ Campaign launched by LiveSpring on our app to give: eg $5Million Fund that can be given to participating churches in those area who signed up for the app.
  12. LiveSpring can also later create various campaigns such as ‘Feed the kids’, Battered and abused women, Missionary Support fund, ‘Support for Widows and Orphans of departed ministers’ etc
  13. LiveSpring can invite Christian NGO’s like Compassion International to use our app to reach out to more churches and individuals for their work.
  14. Get demo version, video clips and pitch to Lead pastors such as Rick Warren, Ashimolowo and key Pastoral Leaders in key countries.
  15. Seek out brand ambassadors among Key Churches and Christian celebrities to put a word behind us and use the app free for up to 6 months

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